Tuesday, 9 December 2014

The Imagined Landscape

Test video for the 1 week project on Imaged landscapes.

Living a life in a phone.

People are becoming more and more attached to their phones and for some, perhaps, a phone is their life. 

Animation and Illustrations by Gabe Robertson and Tom Anderson

Thursday, 27 November 2014

The Time Machine

Research board- http://www.pinterest.com/GabeDRobertson/aub-13-the-time-machine/

In this project, we worked in groups. I was team captain and I was in charge of making sure this project didn't sink.

My other role was designing the exterior the time machine.

This was what we came up with- Timeless tours

Brief Description Of 'Timeless Tours'-
The company was founded in North Korea in the 1960's, after a secret program discovered the technology that allowed time travel.
Since the 60's, the company has broken away from North Korea and is now is an independent organisation.

Timeless Tours offer people all over the world a chance to travel backwards in time.
It's a lot like a cruise ship, that instead of sailing round the Caribbean, travels to different places in the past.
Tourists have the choice of several package deals that have different themes.
-World Disasters

Initially,  I looked into creating a cruise ship like vehicle/ time machine.

Development of design.

Tourists enjoying the spectacle of Vesuvius erupting.

How i imagine the time machine to appear in a new time period.

Handing over tickets to guests.

Staff talking about building the time machine.
Rule Book

Final Timeless Tours Hotel Design

Into the Forest

Research board - https://www.pinterest.com/GabeDRobertson/aub-12-into-the-forest/

The Project began by listening to Michele O'Brien tell the group a story about strange occurrences that happened in a forest. 

A selection of notes taken from the story.

After, I visited the New Forest, sketching and taking photos as I went.

Using some of the photos I had taken, I experimented putting them together on Photoshop.

No Nibs workshop-

Collaboration with Jacob, Sun, Sam and myself

I then began to work on the creating a short story, that would be similar to the original story Michele O'brien told us, but with a twist. It's set in current times.

Animation of the Merchant going to the shop in the forest.

Finally, I created a small comic (which can be found in my box). Here, are the opening pages.

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Miniature Bournemouth


For this project, I chose to recreate a cafe in the Lower Gardens called the Garden Deli.

Some sketches from sitting at the cafe.

 Tea break.

Next, I began to start constructing the cafe in miniature. We had strict guidelines to keep it under 10cm by 10cm by 10cm. 

Working on the exterior, I looked into putting images of customers at the cafe on the model.

In the end, I went back to the cafe and sketched both the front and back. So that if I ever shrunk down to miniature, I'd have a place to get tea.

I scanned in some materials to give some texture, as I'd be printing the final design.
A happy customer.
 The cafe sitting amongst other miniature places in Bournemouth.
Finally, miniature Garden Deli meets regular Garden Deli!