Thursday, 16 October 2014

Sketches and Life Drawing


Within a few days of starting, I was shipped off (on a coach) to the seaside town of Weymouth for some reportage drawing.

It didn't rain too which was a bonus.

Starting AUB

Hello, here are a few sketches and photos from the first couple of days of starting AUB.

Tom resting his eyes. Lewis and Anderson are onto him like Paparazzi. Can Tom ever get a break? 

Finn joining in on this big money opportunity.

Also, in the first few weeks I was interviewed for the student newspaper BUMF.

AUB Summer Project.

Before starting BA Illustration, I was given a summer project to create a map.

I spent the summer sketching what was around me. I wanted to use the images and drawings I had collected to help create my map.

1. Map of my local area.
Drawing my local area seemed like a good place to start, but I wanted to have more fun with the project. My next step was to mark out the key features within the map.

This was more interesting, and I was able to start adding my own interpretation of my local area onto the map. However, I wanted to go one step further... 
Why not see how the my map would look if it was a Venice/Caribbean settlement? However, I decided that this map was becoming overworked, and had lost it's charm.

2. Map of Corfu.

Over the summer I was very lucky to have spent a week in Corfu. I had kept with me a sketchbook, and documented my stay on the island. Working on found materials and not overthinking what i was doing I created a map of the island. I felt this worked better than my previous maps and was more visually interesting and informative.

Final Outcome

I managed to sweet talk one of the local shops out of some paper they use to wrap fish in. This had a very nice quality too it, and I felt the mixing of the media worked well. 

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Foundation. 2013-2014


Here is a very small selection of some of the work I created during my foundation year at Sussex Downs College in Eastbourne. If you'd like to find out more about the course, here is a link to the end of year video- 

So without further delay, 

These first few images are from a project about WW1. For the final outcome, I created a biography about the British generals during the war, but in a very childish style, which conflicted with the subject matter.

I'm also very interested in animation, and it's something I wish to do lots more off in the future. 

My final project on foundation was looking into Bogeymen and Folk Stories. In the end, I created a short animation looking into the life of a Bogeyman.

Finally, here is a very short animation about Jack The Ripper. 

I enjoyed my foundation year and at the end I was very lucky to be selected to exhibit my work as part of the UAL 'Origins' Foundation Show, at the Chelsea School Of Art. 

All work uploaded on this blog is my own. I hope you enjoy viewing it.

1st Year