Thursday, 16 October 2014

AUB Summer Project.

Before starting BA Illustration, I was given a summer project to create a map.

I spent the summer sketching what was around me. I wanted to use the images and drawings I had collected to help create my map.

1. Map of my local area.
Drawing my local area seemed like a good place to start, but I wanted to have more fun with the project. My next step was to mark out the key features within the map.

This was more interesting, and I was able to start adding my own interpretation of my local area onto the map. However, I wanted to go one step further... 
Why not see how the my map would look if it was a Venice/Caribbean settlement? However, I decided that this map was becoming overworked, and had lost it's charm.

2. Map of Corfu.

Over the summer I was very lucky to have spent a week in Corfu. I had kept with me a sketchbook, and documented my stay on the island. Working on found materials and not overthinking what i was doing I created a map of the island. I felt this worked better than my previous maps and was more visually interesting and informative.

Final Outcome

I managed to sweet talk one of the local shops out of some paper they use to wrap fish in. This had a very nice quality too it, and I felt the mixing of the media worked well. 

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