Thursday, 27 November 2014

The Time Machine

Research board-

In this project, we worked in groups. I was team captain and I was in charge of making sure this project didn't sink.

My other role was designing the exterior the time machine.

This was what we came up with- Timeless tours

Brief Description Of 'Timeless Tours'-
The company was founded in North Korea in the 1960's, after a secret program discovered the technology that allowed time travel.
Since the 60's, the company has broken away from North Korea and is now is an independent organisation.

Timeless Tours offer people all over the world a chance to travel backwards in time.
It's a lot like a cruise ship, that instead of sailing round the Caribbean, travels to different places in the past.
Tourists have the choice of several package deals that have different themes.
-World Disasters

Initially,  I looked into creating a cruise ship like vehicle/ time machine.

Development of design.

Tourists enjoying the spectacle of Vesuvius erupting.

How i imagine the time machine to appear in a new time period.

Handing over tickets to guests.

Staff talking about building the time machine.
Rule Book

Final Timeless Tours Hotel Design

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