Thursday, 30 April 2015

Election Portraits

The election is almost here and I've been doing a series of portraits for some of the leaders.

Smart Car Live Brief

Another competition i've been taking part in was to design a car wrap for the new Smart Car Forfour. I based my design on the city, as this is where a smaller car would be most effective.

Editorial- Sailor rescued: How do you survive 66 days lost at sea?

An editorial illustration I did for a BBC article earlier this month.

'Making it Happen’ 24 hour design challenge

This week I took part in a 24 hour challenge, and worked with other courses. I really enjoyed collaborating with other courses and students. I found that having such a tight deadline caused the team to become more decisive. We also delegated various areas of the project to different people, which helped develop our idea faster. I feel our outcome answered the brief and had the potential to reach a wider audience and raise awareness for the cause. Thankfully we won and perhaps this will develop further.


Potential Interface

FMP- My Grandad is probably a Secret Agent.

My grandfather has always been a bit of a mystery. Some things don’t make much sense and in this project I investigated his life further. I think he might be a secret agent...

Timeline pages

He worked as a peripatetic teacher, traveling the Scottish isles teaching woodwork. A likely cover up for his missions of espionage. 

Passports and illustrations of people in the 1920's

Between 1946-50 he visited communist Russia and China, as well as hitchhiking to Fascist Spain under Franco rule. In the 60’s my mother was born and they lived in Malawi before being kicked out by the newly installed Prime Minister Dr. Banda.

1950's Leaders

Since then he's been traveling and has to keep a low profile in case a long lost foe glimpses his face.

I have researched into his daily life, his in-depth travel diaries, the locations he visited and their historical backgrounds. Also, I've conducted interviews with the people who knew him during these times, and collected photos from the period. 

Even if it turns out my grandfather was not a secret agent, I think that his life is full of stories worth telling, and this project has given me the freedom to create work about them. 

Below are some animations and gifs I have created-

This animation is from a story from when he was in China. He had apparently needed a wheelbarrow-full of money to purchase a lamp stand.

In his childhood, he recalled a plane crashing into a field near to where he lived.

A keen hiker, the Scottish highlands are the place to go. 

Rough seas and seas sickness were all too common during his time in the merchant navy.

Perhaps his time traveling was a cover up for his job as a secret agent?

Although the hand in for this project is the 1st May. I will continue to work on this project over the summer.


Work below is from after the deadline-
Rotoscoping Russia 1950s

AUB Website

Some of my work is now being displayed on the AUB website. If you'd like to check it out the link is-