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PMP Evaluation & FMP Plan

Pre Major Project Evaluation & FMP Plan

Looking back on the PMP, I think that the work produced reflects well to my initial Learning Agreement and shows good progression within the project. Through exploration and research, such as 'Dinner in the Dinosaur' I've found the PMP to be a really interesting and challenging project which has pushed me to learn a new 3D program and in doing so has improved the quality of my work. I wanted to take my two dimensional drawings into a three dimensional environment as by doing so I aimed to be able to tell a traditional visual language from the world of illustrated books (present in the Victorian Era) into a new medium which hopefully makes for a more interesting and immersive narrative and illustrative language. 

I knew for my PMP and FMP I wanted to develop my own narrative and create an animation. I planned to build upon my work from the final project of second year (Dash) by continuing using 3D software to create the animation. It was something I really enjoyed and that I wanted to develop. I aim to work in the art department for feature film and animation in the future and the skills required include learning programs such as MAYA. I found this project to be a good opportunity to learn such a program and it would also give me a higher quality to my work in areas such as detail and within lighting which both make for a more real and immersive render. By learning Maya I would also achieve an additional visual body of work which I could use to apply for work after university which is fast approaching and should be a background focus of us all in third year.             

The main influence of my work is history as there are so many odd and fantastical stories untold out there which are equal in interest and in entertainment as fiction. I decided to look into Victorian History as it is a period in history that is ever present in our daily lives here in Britain and yet a world away to such an extent that it seems almost fictional. It is a time of innovation and wonder and I found it was a great place to begin research. I began by reading up and researching into old 19th century books and photographs showing documentation from the time. At the beginning of the PMP I was researching all aspects of Victorian life, and through that research I came across London's 1851 Great Exhibition which was a gigantic show featuring everything under the sun from the era. A great place to find material and potential for my work. I also found stories such as 'Victoria's failed Assassins' really interesting in regards to the ridiculousness of them and I also read up about the huge number of inventions both good and bad that were being created at the time which are again, great material. The more I read about the time the more ridiculous all of it came felt and I decided that I would remix aspects from the some very silly parts to make a interesting story.  I also learnt about the Crystal Palace Dinosaurs and their incredibly inaccurate portrayal as well as the connected Dinner inside of a giant Iguanodon which occurred during the Great Exhibition. All of which seemed perfect for a piece of fiction as it was silly, entertaining and fantastically interesting due to the truth behind it all. As well as this, it will give me a large challenge to create such a world and all of my skills are going to be tested and pushed to to create and capture the exciting and innovative period in British history. 

I decided that the great exhibition would be the location for the story as within it I can show the various aspects of Victorian life which would give me a lot of material to use. After I created a narrative I began to storyboard different ideas and created a pre-vis animation so that I could understand what and also to what extent I would be aiming to create. I wanted the narrative to be playful and visually exciting. The narrative would be a mixture of two dimensional imagery mixed with three dimensional models and so I could capture the old Victorian visual language of comics with the modern day visual language of CGI, therefore creating a story which was interesting and true to both eras.

I began to test out how my illustrations would translate onto the models. I chose to use Maya instead of Blender as I had played around with some tests over the summer and was finding the results to be more professional with a higher quality final image. Although It is similar to Blender it was a slow start into the project as I was used to my efficient working method of the past. After this project I feel I have found a working method that is as fast as my previous one with Blender, and will be able to produce more renders which are at a higher quality in my FMP. The PMP has been helpful in educating me on where I need to improve when it comes to working in Maya and I know now how to best utilise each program if I need to use either for the FMP.

You can see from the early tests that the models are quite basic in form and in resolution but it was interesting to see what was working and problem solve issues and ideas. By experimenting in the program I understand when I need to render the highest quality frames and when it is ok to use a low resolution image as aspects such as depth of field, framing and other post production effects can alter the image with the result still being acceptable. 

It was always going to be tricky to see how my illustrations would transfer over into 3D, and overall I'm pleased with how they have progressed so far as they maintain a hand drawn feeling without becoming like video game characters. My hand drawn illustrations are playful and that was a key element I wanted to make sure the 3D models had so that they have an authentic charm to them. I think that this does translate for some of the models I've created, such as the dinosaur, but for the Albert and Victoria models they will require some adjustments as they are feel a bit uncanny and puppet like. I want to incorporate the mark making and energy from my sketches as the 3D Models feel flat and plain and look like I've attempted a realistic 3D figure rather than a three dimensional drawing. The colour palette will need to be heightened as I want to emphasis the wealth and speciality of the occasion and characters in the story. 

 Initial Sketchbook Ideas

Developed Dinosaur into 3D.

For the FMP I plan to finalise the characters, sets and final storyboard. I will then improve the current rigging situation, which is very basic and create more variations of Victorian background characters. The animation will take some time, and will require some testing, but this is what I planned for when initially thinking about the PMP and FMP. I will then work on the sound, collaborating with a composer/ student. Overall, I'm looking forward to really pushing the project and to begin to see all the pieces come together for the final animation.  

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PMP- Research Photos .2

PMP- Research Photos .2

-SS Great Britain Photos
-Royal Hippodrome Theatre Photos
-The Redoubt Fortress
-Russel Cotes

The S.S. Great Britain

The Royal Hippodrome Theatre

The Redoubt Fortress

Russell Cotes