Friday, 8 January 2016

Narrative Unit- Pecha Kucha Presentation

Before we broke up for the Christmas holidays we presented our projects to fellow students and lectures. A Pecha Kucha is a short visual presentation with a set amount of time for each image. I spoke about how I wanted to capture the quieter moments of WW1 within an animation. I wanted to tell a true story which was around a minute long. Below is some of my research which has influenced my work.

Images from my presentation-

Maurice Denis, Soirée Calme en Première Ligne (Quiet Evening on the Front Line), 1917, oil on canvas.
Here, we see soldiers getting on with their daily life; such as chopping fire wood and carrying water. This caught my attention as it's a side to the war which we sometimes forget about. I really liked the light and colours, showing us that the time of day was evening. Subtly adding more information to the picture. 

Frank Brangwyn
I felt this charcoal drawing by Frank Brangwyn really encaptulated the mood and the fear in the trenches. The gas masks make the men look like strange monsters and the darkness is looming over their situation, only growing worse. 

Paul Nash, The Menin 1919.
This painting interested me as it touched on both the positive and negative side of the war. A first look would depict a destroyed landscape, however the beams of light and men walking together show how they persevered through the horrors and come out of it together. 

EH Shepherd at the House Of Illustration

EH Shepherd, better known for Winnie The Pooh, fought in WW1 and illustrated the world around him. I really enjoyed seeing the expression on the men and soldiers he drew, as though they were characters in a children book. An exhibiton I visited at the House of Illustration had on display these sketches which were interesting to see.

Life In the Trench

Verdun- Video Game

Here, I spoke about a video game called Verdun, created by M2H. It's set in WW1 and uses historically accurate uniforms, weapons and locations. I'm interested by this as it uses 3D models and is artificially lit, which is great for reference.

Sainsburys Advert

In the opening shots of this Chrismas Advert, we see soldiers spending time in the trench. It was interesting to see the clothes and lighting used and the atmosphere that was created.

I felt the presentation was a good starting point for the project as it specified the areas to look into, while leaving my narrative open for development.

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