Wednesday, 7 September 2016

PMP- Initial Storyboard

Initial Storyboard

For Third Year, I wanted to use the skills and illustrative Language I'd developed over the previous two year. 3D Animation using my own illustrations was the way forward and I wanted to tell a story doing so. 

The story I wanted to tell was about the 'Crystal Palace' Great ExhIbition of 1851. I'm really interested in peculiar historical occurrences and events on a grand scale. My research had led me to learn more and more about this Exhibition, and I'd come across lots of information about Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. I'd found all of this really interesting. Whether it had been learning about Victoria's 7 assassination attempts or Alberts involvement in societal  progress and the betterment of the other. I wanted to combine and create a story from all this research and I came up with an initial storyboard/ animatic. 


Initial Storyboard.

Idea's added on after the first draft.

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