Tuesday, 29 November 2016

PMP- Developed Animations

Developed Animations

After testing out some still renders, the next step was to place a moveable camera inside the scene and showcase the set so far. Here are some renders of the Dinner and the Dinosaur sequence. It's using an animated camera within Maya. The shot's themselves are interesting but the camera moves in an awkward fashion and overall is quite a short clip. The renders take a while to do, and with 24 fps this is something I'll have to allow and allocate time for with the FMP.

1. Fast

This first test is quite fast the camera jumps around. I don't think it works well as a shot, but it's interesting to see how the set looks by being within it, and not just looking in. Below is a slowed down version, as I felt the first one was slightly too short to appreciate the scene. 

1. Slowed

2. Close Up of faces. 

After talking to the lectuers, I decided to a simpler render. The camera just pans between the faces of the characters. This shot does highlight the incomplete Victoria face and guests face. But it is just a test, and I think it works well and shows how the lighting falls on each of the characters.

360 Dinosaur

PMP- Guests

Guests Process

In order to get the look for guests right, I collected and created an influence board. I was after a mixture of characters, from rich to poor, young to old. Six million people visited the Crystal Palace during its Exhibition from all aspects of life, and I wanted to reflect this in my characters. I've collected images from painters like John Singer Sargent and photographers such as John Thompson

For the meal, I wanted the guests to be dressed formally and fit in with a fancy occasion. I didn't want to take the focus of the visuals away from the Dinosaur or Royals, and so I chose to dress them in dark colours. Some wearing hats and cravats, while others in dinner jackets and tail coats.   

In the storyboard and animatic there are eight guests sat at the table, but I don't see that as feasible, at least in the PMP. That's due to time constraints, but also space at the table. I think the minimum number should be four guests, but I think a good in between is six. 

As of the moment, the characters have one face. This means that they don't have animated  features, but is something I will fix and add to the project in the FMP. They were created by adding onto the existing Albert Model, tweaking features and retexturing. This allows me a really fast and efficient way of creating new characters which I can illustrate in the 3D space.

Monday, 28 November 2016

PMP- Renders Stills

Renders Stills

After building the set, dinosaur and initial characters, the next step was to render it. I chose to light the scene with several CTO lights that would emulate candle light. This would be emitted from a chandelier located directly above the dinosaur. I also added a red light within the dinosaurs mouth to emphasis the dinosaurs sharp teeth and frightening features. 

I'm pleased with how they turned out as they have real atmosphere and feeling within them. They look and feel like a real place that you could enter and experience. Perhaps at some point I could look at placing the set in a VR simulator which the audience could use to watch the animation. 

I think also playing around with the depth of field and lens will help set the mood even more as I can make things more dramatic. 

Thursday, 24 November 2016

PMP- Buildings


In order to build a believable world within which the story would play out, I created several buildings to see how my illustrations would translate into 3D Models. I sketched out some street scenes using reference images I'd collected from my own photographs, books and Pinterest boards. In order to add detail, I illustrated lots of different elements, such as windows, doors and emblems which I then placed onto the buildings. 

The outcomes I feel look alright, they work well together, but as of now, they seem a bit lifeless. When I continue and develop this part of the project I'll look to add other elements of the street. These elements would include things like street lamps, water pumps, the road itself and individuals on the street who live in these locations.

The lighting for these models is very important because it can create various moods and atmosphere's which will be used in the story. I find the harsher and bolder lighting (toward the bottom) much more interesting but they lose some of the textures on the models. I don't think this is a bad thing as it works for the purpose of the story, but one thing I will look to do is create the models which are themselves elements which push the story and have motives which add to the story rather than just appear in it. 

PMP- Victoria

Victoria Process

In order to create Victoria I had to consider how she will be used in the story. Her dress had to be large and flowing, but she would also be sat down and carried on someones shoulder during the story. So in order to create a 3D model without using a clothing simulator, I had take this into account and create a version of the dress that could be used in two ways. One being when it's flowing, the other being when it's smaller and slimmer.

For her face and hair, I wanted to use reference portraits of her. She is depicted as quite stone faced, with soft features and gleaming hair. This is something I have tried to depict in my own Victoria. However, the face and textures (currently) look too flat and clayey. I want to bring back the mark making in my original drawings, as they have a real quality I want to use in the animation. This is something which I will do differently for the FMP. 

Below, I documented the process for her creation. I created a front and side draft of her body and used Maya to create the mesh. This was a little tricky and I reused the head and hands from Albert's model. I had to sculpt the male features into female which was a bit problematic, with technical difficulties and overall not getting a feminine look i was happy with. However, after a short while I was pleased with the overall aesthetic. 

The facial features are not finished as I want to redraw them and add more pencil marks and textures to it. Emphasising certain things like cheekbones and eyebrows and softening the cheeks and lips. I also plan on adding lots more detail to her dress. It's very plain at the moment and not anywhere near where it should be in terms of regalness, which i will address in the FMP.

Overall, I am pleased with the direction and progress made on Victoria. She currently has a likeness to the queen, but I have to work into the model and add better textures, more detail and additional parts like a crown and jewellry. I also will have to to alter and fix this clay look to the model, and add a nicer texture to the hair. On talking to Paul about how to improve the models, he suggested using bright and rich colours for the clothing. I think this is a great point, as it will emphasis their wealth and also enrich the characters general look.


Test  Faces