Thursday, 24 November 2016

PMP- Albert

Albert Process

Initially thinking about how I wanted to create Albert, there were several elements I felt very important to include in the model. Obviously his hair, sideburns and moustache were key to keeping his character connected to the real him, but also elements such as his posture and barrel chest. In the few pictures of him and in some paintings, he is depicted as having piercing blue eyes and that's an element I wanted to include.

In terms of creating him, I found the modelling generally straightforward, with parts of the face and hair being a little more complex to add to the model. When it came to deciding what costume/ outfit he'd be wearing I decided to have him in his ceremonial wear. An outfit he did wear when visiting the Great Exhibition.  You can see below the process of testing out how the illustrations translate onto the 3D models, while also how the 3D model was actually developed and built. 

Overall I'm pleased with how it currently looks. The overall feel of Albert works for me, but the textures don't. I'm going to have to work on creating textures which don't feel flat and claylike. The face too, looks to simple, and loses the charm of the illustrations. I'm going to finalise this more in the FMP, but for the moment, with time constraints the face can be animated and carries over the character of Albert well enough. I will add more developed illustrations to the face and this should bring out his character more and bring together the 3D and 2D illustrations.

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