Thursday, 24 November 2016

PMP- Buildings


In order to build a believable world within which the story would play out, I created several buildings to see how my illustrations would translate into 3D Models. I sketched out some street scenes using reference images I'd collected from my own photographs, books and Pinterest boards. In order to add detail, I illustrated lots of different elements, such as windows, doors and emblems which I then placed onto the buildings. 

The outcomes I feel look alright, they work well together, but as of now, they seem a bit lifeless. When I continue and develop this part of the project I'll look to add other elements of the street. These elements would include things like street lamps, water pumps, the road itself and individuals on the street who live in these locations.

The lighting for these models is very important because it can create various moods and atmosphere's which will be used in the story. I find the harsher and bolder lighting (toward the bottom) much more interesting but they lose some of the textures on the models. I don't think this is a bad thing as it works for the purpose of the story, but one thing I will look to do is create the models which are themselves elements which push the story and have motives which add to the story rather than just appear in it. 

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