Tuesday, 29 November 2016

PMP- Developed Animations

Developed Animations

After testing out some still renders, the next step was to place a moveable camera inside the scene and showcase the set so far. Here are some renders of the Dinner and the Dinosaur sequence. It's using an animated camera within Maya. The shot's themselves are interesting but the camera moves in an awkward fashion and overall is quite a short clip. The renders take a while to do, and with 24 fps this is something I'll have to allow and allocate time for with the FMP.

1. Fast

This first test is quite fast the camera jumps around. I don't think it works well as a shot, but it's interesting to see how the set looks by being within it, and not just looking in. Below is a slowed down version, as I felt the first one was slightly too short to appreciate the scene. 

1. Slowed

2. Close Up of faces. 

After talking to the lectuers, I decided to a simpler render. The camera just pans between the faces of the characters. This shot does highlight the incomplete Victoria face and guests face. But it is just a test, and I think it works well and shows how the lighting falls on each of the characters.

360 Dinosaur

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