Friday, 2 December 2016

PMP- Food

Food and Table Process

Deciding on what the dinner would actually be was an important decision, as it had to be both semi accurate and visually interesting. The dinner in the dinosaur was actually eight courses long and consisted of a huge variety of dishes. 

Soups: Mock Turtle, Julien, Hare
Fish: Cod and Oyster Sauce, Fillets of Whiting, Turbot à l’Hollandaise
Removes: Roast Turkey, Ham, Raised Pigeon Pie, Boiled Chicken and Celery Sauce
Entrées: Cotolettes de Moutonaux Tomates, Currie de Lapereaux au riz, Salmi de Perdrix, Mayonnaise de filets de Sole
Game: Pheasants, Woodcocks, Snipes
Sweets: Macedoine Jelly, Orange Jelly, Bavaroise, Charlotte Russe, French Pastry, Nougat à la Chantilly, Buisson de Meringue aux [Confiture ?]
Dessert: Grapes, Apples, Pears, Almonds and Raisins, French Plums, Pines, Filberts, Walnuts &c, &c
Wines: Sherry, Madeira, Port, Moselle, Claret

Mrs Beeton's Cookbook

During my research, I looked at Mrs Beeton's cooking books. They are fully illustrated historical catalogues of what Victorians would eat and I decided to use these as direct influences for what my diners would eat.

Below you can see how the food looks in situ. 

However, after speaking to the lecturers (GC PR) we discussed how the food looked a bit like cardboard due to the yellow colouring and needed to be brighter with darker pen lines. This would show how it relates to Mrs Beatons illustrations.

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