Tuesday, 29 November 2016

PMP- Guests

Guests Process

In order to get the look for guests right, I collected and created an influence board. I was after a mixture of characters, from rich to poor, young to old. Six million people visited the Crystal Palace during its Exhibition from all aspects of life, and I wanted to reflect this in my characters. I've collected images from painters like John Singer Sargent and photographers such as John Thompson

For the meal, I wanted the guests to be dressed formally and fit in with a fancy occasion. I didn't want to take the focus of the visuals away from the Dinosaur or Royals, and so I chose to dress them in dark colours. Some wearing hats and cravats, while others in dinner jackets and tail coats.   

In the storyboard and animatic there are eight guests sat at the table, but I don't see that as feasible, at least in the PMP. That's due to time constraints, but also space at the table. I think the minimum number should be four guests, but I think a good in between is six. 

As of the moment, the characters have one face. This means that they don't have animated  features, but is something I will fix and add to the project in the FMP. They were created by adding onto the existing Albert Model, tweaking features and retexturing. This allows me a really fast and efficient way of creating new characters which I can illustrate in the 3D space.

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