Thursday, 24 November 2016

PMP- Victoria

Victoria Process

In order to create Victoria I had to consider how she will be used in the story. Her dress had to be large and flowing, but she would also be sat down and carried on someones shoulder during the story. So in order to create a 3D model without using a clothing simulator, I had take this into account and create a version of the dress that could be used in two ways. One being when it's flowing, the other being when it's smaller and slimmer.

For her face and hair, I wanted to use reference portraits of her. She is depicted as quite stone faced, with soft features and gleaming hair. This is something I have tried to depict in my own Victoria. However, the face and textures (currently) look too flat and clayey. I want to bring back the mark making in my original drawings, as they have a real quality I want to use in the animation. This is something which I will do differently for the FMP. 

Below, I documented the process for her creation. I created a front and side draft of her body and used Maya to create the mesh. This was a little tricky and I reused the head and hands from Albert's model. I had to sculpt the male features into female which was a bit problematic, with technical difficulties and overall not getting a feminine look i was happy with. However, after a short while I was pleased with the overall aesthetic. 

The facial features are not finished as I want to redraw them and add more pencil marks and textures to it. Emphasising certain things like cheekbones and eyebrows and softening the cheeks and lips. I also plan on adding lots more detail to her dress. It's very plain at the moment and not anywhere near where it should be in terms of regalness, which i will address in the FMP.

Overall, I am pleased with the direction and progress made on Victoria. She currently has a likeness to the queen, but I have to work into the model and add better textures, more detail and additional parts like a crown and jewellry. I also will have to to alter and fix this clay look to the model, and add a nicer texture to the hair. On talking to Paul about how to improve the models, he suggested using bright and rich colours for the clothing. I think this is a great point, as it will emphasis their wealth and also enrich the characters general look.


Test  Faces


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